A stress-free guide to downsizing

22nd April 2021

Downsizing can sometimes be a daunting prospect but with the right help and guidance, it can lead to a new lease of life.

A stress-free guide to downsizing

From moving to a smaller property with minimal maintenance or relocating to a more favourable location, the advantages of downsizing can be life changing. To help you make the most of your move, here are our top tips to keep it stress-free.

1.    Think practically – When deciding on the size of house you would like, think about how you’ll use the property and how many bedrooms you’ll realistically need. If there is only two of you, a two-bedroom home could offer you plenty of space whilst freeing you up from household tasks to pursue the things you enjoy.

2.    Get organised – A well-planned move is often a smoother one. Start by making a list of all the tasks you need to undertake, along with the timescales in which you need to complete them by. Knowing what you must do and by when will make the moving process a lot easier and calmer.

3.    Clear the clutter – To help you feel more at home in your new property, you don’t want to be surrounded by clutter that doesn’t have a home. Downsizing often presents an opportunity to be pragmatic about your belongings and give away or sell anything you no-longer need. We always recommend that you start the process early on, so it doesn’t become a big, stressful job closer to your move date.

4.    Don’t struggle on your own – If you need any assistance, speak to our experienced sales teams who can answer your questions about our properties or the local area to ensure you feel 100% comfortable about your house purchase. If you are on your own and short on help, our team can also recommend a specialist moving service that can help you declutter, pack and relocate to your new home.

Tilia Homes has a range of two and three bedroom homes, including bungalows, which are ideal for downsizing. Book an appointment today at your chosen development and see how we can help get you moving.