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New builds in Norwich

A charming city located in Norfolk, Norwich is well known for its mix of historical charm and modern conveniences. With its roots dating back to Roman times, Norwich has evolved into a thriving city which offers the perfect backdrop for a fulfilling lifestyle. 

Living in Norwich

Boasting strong sense of community and excellent employment opportunities, Norwich has become a popular choice for those looking settle down. The city is home to a range of major employers across various industries, such as finance, healthcare and technology, making it easy to find a job in the area.  

Families looking for properties in Norwich benefit from a choice of good schools, as well as the esteemed University of East Anglia. The city’s commitment to quality education ensures that residents have access to fantastic learning institutions that serve different needs.  

Things to do in Norwich

Whether you’re a history enthusiast, or someone who craves an exciting nightlife, Norwich has something for everyone. For history enthusiasts, Norwich city centre has a range of historic sites to visit, including Norwich Cathedral with its 315ft spire and the buried remains of Roman town, Venta Icenorum. The city is renowned for its arts and culture. The Theatre Royal, one of the oldest working theatres in the country, hosts captivating performances throughout the year. Festivals, such as the Norfolk and Norwich Festival, also offer a platform for artists and bring together the community. For shopping enthusiasts, the city benefits from two large shopping destinations – Chantry Place and Castle Mall – where well-known brands and department stores cater to every taste. For a unique shopping experience, residents can find independent stalls in The Lanes, a premier retail hub in Norwich.

Transport Links in Norwich

Our new builds in Norwich are perfectly located to offer convenient travel options for both daily commuters and adventure seekers. The city is strategically positioned with key roadways, such as the A11 and A47, which link Norwich to nearby cities like Cambridge.  

Dreaming of a far-off destination? Norwich Airport stands ready with regular flights to several holiday hotspots around the world.  

Norwich houses for sale

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