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New build homes in Crewkerne

Located in South Somerset, our new homes in Crewkerne are perfect for families and young professionals looking for a modern lifestyle and easy access to nearby green spaces. 

Living in Crewkerne

At the heart of Crewkerne is its bustling town centre, where residents will find a mix of Medieval and Georgian architecture. Here, those living in our new properties in Crewkerne can explore quaint shops, local boutiques and inviting cafes. 

One of Crewkerne’s notable landmarks is the fifteenth-century Church of St. Bartholomew. The Grade I listed building, which has been standing above the town for over 500 years, is an example of Perpendicular Gothic architecture with many usual and individual features to discover.  

If you’re looking for convenience, you’ll find it living in Crewkerne. The town is served by a railway station that provides easy access to cities such as London and Exeter, and more attractions and facilities, making it simple to get around and access essential services. When you want to explore the charming surroundings, the town's well-maintained road networks make it easy to travel by car.  

Experience the outdoors in Crewkerne

Experience rural life just outside town at Frogmary Green Farm. Ideal for those seeking an escape into the countryside, this working farm features a charming farm shop, a cosy cafe and the opportunity to interact with farm animals. 

To see nature at its best the local nature reserve Bincombe Beeches, is just a cashort drive away, offering the perfect spot for a quiet escape into nature. The reserve offers lovely beech woodlands, well-marked trails and a variety of plants and animals.  

Family life in Crewkerne

For some family leisure time, the Crewkerne Aqua Centre is a modern hub for health and recreation. Known as a community focal point, the facility provides a mix of fitness and leisure amenities, including a well-maintained swimming pool and fitness classes.  

The town also has several schools which contribute to the town’s sense of community and pride. Among the notable nearby schools are Ashlands Church of England First School and Maiden Beech Academy, which are known for creating an environment where students can flourish. 

Explore properties for sale in Crewkerne

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