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New homes in Leicester

Recognised as an ideal place to live for those seeking a balanced and diverse lifestyle, it is no surprise that many are seeking new builds in Leicester.  

Whether you’re a history buff, a foodie, or someone who appreciates getting outdoors, you’ll find it all living in Leicester.  

Living in Leicester

The city of Leicester boasts a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, reflecting its diverse population. From strolling through to the medieval streets of the Old Town to exploring the contemporary vibe of the newer neighbourhoods, there is a sense of community around every corner.  

Leicester’s cultural diversity is also reflected in its culinary scene, with a range of top restaurants serving food from all around the world. There’s an eatery for every mood in this city, you can sample a dish from Italy, explore the flavours of India or go on a culinary journey through the Mediterranean. 

Things to do in Leicester

History comes alive in Leicester, with attractions like Leicester Cathedral and the award-winning King Richard III Visitor Centre. Interested in art? Explore the Leicester Museum and Art Gallery which showcases art and artefacts from the past and present.  

Football fans can catch a match at the King Power Stadium, which is home to Leicester City Football Club, and experience the atmosphere that fills the city on match days. 

Nature and parks in Leicester

Those looking to escape the city and relax in nature can visit Abbey Park. Around, one mile north of the city centre. This delightful park offers a green escape, complete with a lake and boating facilities. For a unique adventure, visit Tropical Birdland. Home to over 250 birds, visitors will find a range of stunning parrots, toucans and owls on display. And if you’re looking for an even closer encounter with wildlife, here you can feed some of the birds as they explore their out-of-doors environments, allowing you to get closer than ever before.

Transport links in Leicester

Leicester boasts an extensive and well-connected transport network, easily connecting your Leicester home to the city and beyond. With convenient access to major roads, like the A6 and M1, residents can easily get around the Leicestershire county.  

There’s also a range of public transportation options, such as buses and trams, which provide a reliable and eco-friendly way to get around the city. Leicester train station is a vital hub, connecting the city to key destinations across the country.  

Properties for sale in Leicester

Discover the perfect blend of historic charm and contemporary living in our new homes in Leicester. To join a community that embraces diversity and fosters growth, discover our range of properties in Leicester above.