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19 January 2022

Our Favourite Five Interior Trends for 2022

A new year means new trends – and if you’re looking for inspiration on how to decorate your new home or how to spruce up your property, then we have you covered.

We’ve come up with our favourite five interior trends for 2022:

 1) Earthy and neutral tones are in

Interiors are warming up in 2022 with earthy and neutral tones being used to convey a cosy ambiance within your property. With a new build home, you have the perfect blank canvas to work with and you can therefore draw from a whole host of popular colours including caramel, chocolate and camel tones. Consider also featuring some natural textures such as wood and leather to add depth, along with nature-inspired surfaces and furniture pieces using the likes of stoneware, terracotta, marble and travertine. You can then use Pantone’s colour of the year, ‘Very Peri,’ in key feature areas to contrast and make a bold statement, thanks to its bold blue and violet-red undertones[1].

2) Comfortable workspace

With hybrid working here to stay, many people are looking to take their existing arrangement to the next level or finally create their ideal home office. Where possible, it’s best to separate your working environment from your bedroom as this should be your sanctuary. So far, we’ve made do with makeshift spaces; alcoves, stairway recesses and spare bedrooms have all been refashioned to create that light and calming working environment. 2022 might be the year for you to get more creative with your workspace and get maximum use out of where you clock your working hours. Why not double up to create that dual-purpose room? Try cleverly incorporating perhaps a home gym, yoga studio or crafting workshop to make full use of the space available.

In essence though, when it comes to your actual workspace, this year is all about comfort and style. Get a larger desk perhaps, but one which caters for everything you need in terms of a functional workspace – or invest in an orthopaedic chair which looks stylish and blends with your interior scheme. Add a bit of colour to really enhance the space; the Dulux colour of the year, ’Bright Skies[2]’, breathes freshness into any space, creating an uplifting and calming environment to help with your mental health and wellbeing whilst working from home.

3) Curves

Curves have become increasingly popular over the past few years. In 2022, they are taking centre stage. From curved interior walls and sofas, to rounded kitchen islands and arching mirrors. Searches for this soft and comforting style have tripled over the past year and are such a simple yet visually pleasing attribute to any home – so why not follow the trend?

4) Sustainability and upcycling

Sustainability is on the forefront of everyone’s mind with the increased exposure of how our actions affect the wider planet. We are now seeing a deliberate move towards recycled furniture, natural items and organic materials as designers discover more about the most ethically responsible ways to decorate and furnish a home. Not only that, upcycling and DIY continues to be very much the rage with people making their own household items out of spare parts and wooden pallets – or breathing fresh life into outdated accessories and furnishings.

5) Statement lighting pieces

Last but not least, who doesn’t want an eye-catching statement lighting piece in their home? Lighting is naturally an important part of any home – but more recently, we’ve seen a shift towards homeowners hunting out statement lighting pieces that reflect their personal style and aesthetic. Lighting adds an extra element to your interiors with the ability to add depth and character, whilst also serving as a modern statement art piece. According to Etsy, they saw a 344% increase in searches for 70s lighting last year[3]. Just think big, bold and glam!

It can be great fun discovering your own personal style when interior decorating. New homes offer that blank canvas to let your creativity shine, whether you are a first-time buyer or a busy household looking for a perfect space for the whole family.

Our show homes are styled by a team of professional interior designers and offer plenty of inspiration on the countless ways you can use the layout and inject your own personality within your dream home. If you’re looking to experience the joy of a blank canvas within a new-build home, check out all our developments.


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