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01 January 2022

Seven suggestions for getting your property ready to sell

Ready for your next house move? You may be thinking about putting your home on the market. To get the best price for your property, there are steps you can take.

Read our seven top tips below to discover where your home could benefit most from some straightforward TLC…

1. Depersonalise

A good place to start is decluttering and depersonalising. This will probably be your biggest task (depending on the scale of possessions you own) but it is a hugely effective way of helping would-be purchasers clearly see the full potential of your property. Begin by reducing what you have on display on surfaces and walls, packing away knick-knacks and items you want to keep for your new home. Use this opportunity to sort through your belongings and donate to charity, recycle or sell those items which you no longer need. If you can shift substantial items now, this will help you reduce removal costs later down the line. Once you have stripped everything back, then look to depersonalise your space, removing the likes of personal mementos and photographs in communal areas or lotions and potions in the bathroom. You need to present a blank canvas to those viewing your home, making it as easy as possible for them to visualise themselves in your property.

2. Go back to basics

Many of us have become more creative with our homes, especially as a result of lockdown, having reworked a spare bedroom into a playroom or a nook into a mini home office. Reinstate rooms where appropriate to their original purpose but also consider who your most likely buyer would be. If there is a strong demand from a particular demographic in your area, you may wish to present your home layout accordingly. A study or home gym could appeal very nicely to a working professional for example, whereas a kitchen/family room and space for a playroom could entice fledgling families.

3. Spruce it up

We all have our to-do lists on the home front which can be never-ending or we never get round to. From the quick and easy such as replacing that oven hood bulb to fixing a broken door handle, through to more complex jobs including replastering and plumbing, now is the time to get these tasks done. If you’re not a competent or confident DIYer, a few hundred pounds spent on a handyperson could stand you in good stead if it means you can sell your house for a few thousand more.

4. Lighten to largen

Having rooms light and bright will not only help rooms appear bigger, it will also result in more compelling photography for listings. So, open the curtains and tie them back, raise up the blinds and shift any furniture which may be preventing light from filling the space. For rooms or hallways where there is a lack of natural light, lamps are worth bringing in to brighten the space.

5. Tend the garden

If lockdown taught us anything, it is that a garden can be a much-needed sanctuary for a homeowner, and you should present your outdoor spaces as such. Gardens can often get neglected and this can be a real turn-off for buyers. You don’t necessarily need overflowing herbaceous borders and abundant hanging baskets; simply make sure everything is tidy and well-tended, with touches of colour here and there. Gardens should be free of clutter too. Hide or screen any eyesores (bins, oil tanks, etc.) where possible; and sell or dispose of items such as trampolines and sandpits that may be in disrepair or no longer needed.

6. Remember first impressions

There may be internal features which will impress or sway someone viewing your property – but in truth you cannot escape the impact made by first impressions. Pay close attention to your overall kerb appeal by getting the frontage in good shape, with pathways clear and windows cleaned. Use Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration on how the pros tackle the latest trend of doorscaping and style their entrance or hallway to wow guests as they step into their home. Another first impression one cannot escape is what someone else’s home smells like. Whether you have pets or a musty cellar, getting regular airflow through the house will help, along with introducing a subtle air fragrance.

7. Get the pros in

Having come this far in getting your home ready to sell, getting a professional cleaner in could be a good investment to add that extra sparkle and ensure the whole house is gleaming from top to bottom. The kitchen and bathroom(s) especially – both heavy-use areas but often the ‘clincher’ rooms for buyers – can be tough to clean due to a build-up of grease, mildew and limescale. Carpets too can come up a treat once professionally treated, particularly in homes with animals or plenty of footfall.

Having a good plan of action in getting your property ready for selling could impact its value considerably and thereby put you in the best position possible when it comes to buying your next home. However, if this feels like too much to tackle and you’re looking for a quick or hassle-free move, our Part Exchange scheme could be right up your street. By using Part Exchange, we will offer to buy your existing property from you, sparing you all the stress of selling your house as well as saving money on estate agents.

For a fresh start in a new Tilia Home, view our developments to explore the homes currently available by location and find out about the great incentives we have to help get you moving.

Get your home ready blog 1.1.22

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