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19 October 2022

Spare bedroom? Don’t want a home office? We’ve some creative alternatives

If the last couple of years have taught us anything, after spending so much time in our homes, it’s that we really want to make the most of every inch of the space.

Home offices, playgroups, school classrooms, entertainment spaces, restaurants and cinemas, our homes really have become so much more than just a place to come home to after a long day.

Inspired by a new way of living, increasing numbers of house hunters are looking to buy their next property with an extra bedroom… but to be used in more imaginative and creative ways.

And we’re talking going one step beyond the home office or hybrid working space!

1. Multipurpose craft room

Unsurprisingly many of us took to crafting or learning a new skill during the pandemic to give us something to do during lockdown. In fact, Hobbycraft reported back in Summer 2020 that it had seen a 200 per cent increase in online sales since the start of the pandemic.

Knitting, crocheting and sewing all are linked to relieving stress, which many were looking for in abundance, while creative parents turned to arts and crafts to entertain children who found themselves unable to be in school and around friends for prolonged periods of time.

The trick is with any craft space is to make it versatile and multifunctional as possible. The third bedroom in our ‘Derwent V1’ house type at Landimore Park in Northamptonshire, for example, makes for the perfect blank canvas to house shelfing and storage for those autumnal, Halloween and Christmas craft and wrapping projects you’re planning, while keeping plenty of floor space and wall space for a chalk board wall and tables for messy, creative hands!

2. Home fitness space

With the dark nights and darker mornings fast approaching, getting out of bed for that pre or post work gym session may not always get checked off the weekly to do list. That’s no reason not to take care of ourselves.

Creating a health and fitness space that encourages the positive benefits associated with exercise without having to always step outside your front door is a bonus feature for many homeowners and can be recreated relatively easily.

Consider what makes you feel good after a workout and start small and build up. Simply having a space you can go to take in a quick yoga session or weight workout can be a huge motivation, while looking after that all important mental health.

If Joe Wicks can do it every day from his living room, we can get in a quick workout, just need space for a compact exercise bike, dumbbells and even meditation corner!

3. Walk in wardrobe

Whether you’re looking to inject a little luxury into your life or simply have an addiction to accessories, utilising an extra bedroom can be a great way to keep clothes and shoes organised while decluttering your main bedroom for the ultimate peaceful night’s rest.

Study after study, stat after stat tells us that decluttering our rooms can help us achieve good nights’ sleep and part of this is linked to good organisation. You just need ample space for clothes, handbags, trainers, suits and accessories, before you even factor in the option of fitted wardrobes in main and guest rooms, there’s the chance to make the space feel special and a positive place to be.

It could even prompt a trip to the charity shop to finally give up the pieces you’ve been hanging onto ‘just in case…’

4. Snug / reading nook / gaming room

We all know someone that would love to have the flexibility to create a gaming room in their home. Decked out with the latest tech equipment and gaming chair, tech fans can enjoy additional. l space without fear of taking over the living room.

If tech isn’t your book, but you still like the sound of finding a quiet spot to curl up with a good book, the space could a perfect reading nook. Choose statement shelving for your beloved book collection, an oversized comfy chair and table for your hot coffee and get lost in a land of make believe before heading back to your lived-in family room and kitchen and dining room space.

5. Home cinema

       Imagine… a deep, comfy futon or sofa bed with plenty of cushions, a snack shelf home to the family’s favourite goodies, popcorn marker in the corner and Friday film night to look forward to… all without stepping outside your front door.

      For a fraction of the price of a cinema ticket, creating a dedicated space to enjoy your favourite movies or shows could be just the thing to turn your new home into the bespoke space you’ve always wanted, draw the blinds and settle down with friends and family this winter.

      View our developments here and find your dream home which you can make the third bedroom your special retreat.

spare bedroom blog 19.10.22

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