We have created some helpful guides to ensure that buying your new Tilia home is as simple as possible.

With more than 70 years’ experience, Tilia Homes proudly builds quality new-build homes and communities across the country.

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Here are just some reasons why our customers say they chose a brand-new home:

The Chance to personalise

The beauty of buying a home before it’s even been built – known as buying ‘off-plan’ means you can personalise your new home by choosing the finishing touches. You can choose the style of your kitchen and bathroom, even the tiles and flooring.

Everything is fitted and ready for when you move in and the rest of the house is ready and waiting for you to stamp your individual style.

Financial help with your move

There is much more financial flexibility buying a new-build home than when buying on the open market. Whether you’re a first-time buyer, or have an existing home to sell, there is a financial initiative there to help support you in a smooth buying journey.

From our Smooth Move and Part Exchange schemes there to help existing homeowners save time and money, to Deposit Unlock and Shared Ownership initiatives to help those at the first rung of the property ladder, there is something for everyone.

A chain free move

Buying a new-build home means you benefit from no forward chain, and your purchase is likely to be faster and more straight forward than buying and selling on the open market.

No DIY disasters

Decorating should be creative and exciting experience, not the time consuming and costly process that it can be when renovating a dated property.

Buying a new home means your property will be not only be built to the highest standards in regulation and energy performance, but ready for you to take the time to decorate in the ways you’ve always wanted.

Low energy bills

Modern design and the use of energy efficient materials and appliances means new-build homes are greener and cheaper to run than existing ones. According to research from the Home Builders Federation (HBF), homeowners in new-build properties can save up to £2,600 a year on their energy bills compared to more dated properties.

A more efficient home means you'll be lowering your family’s footprint too.

A 10-year warranty

You can have peace of mind knowing your new home has a 10-year warranty. We offer our own two-year after sales care, as well as a further eight year Buildmark Warranty from the National House Building Council (NHBC).

The NHBC also carries out independent checks at key stages of your house build. You can read more about the NHBC Buildmark Warranty here.

A new community

We work hard to build homes in the places you want to live. Our developments are all conveniently located close to amenities, schools, facilities and good transport links. We also pride ourselves on integrating ourselves into the communities in which we build, so you have the best opportunity to enjoy the close knit, neighbourly charm that comes with moving into a new home.