First Time Home Buyers' Guide

If you’re a first time home buyer, you might feel a little daunted or confused by the property buying process. This is understandable as there can be a lot to consider if you’ve yet to get your foot on the property ladder. However, help is at hand with our comprehensive first time home buyer guide.

Below we’ve created a series of guides detailing everything you need to know when buying a new home for the first time. This covers all areas from initial considerations to first time buyer mortgages, all the way through to viewings and completion on a new property.

Am I Ready To Buy My First Home?

Getting your foot on the property ladder can be a significant commitment and isn’t something you should decide on a whim. So to help you determine if you are ready, in this guide we’ve detailed all the considerations you should make and some of the key first time home buyer requirements.

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Additional Fees when Buying your First Home

When purchasing your first property there are a number of additional fees and home buying costs on top of your deposit that you need to consider. Here we’ve detailed what these are to help you get a clearer idea of your total expenses.

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What is Shared Ownership?

When buying for the first time, shared ownership is another means of securing the property you really want. But what is it? Read our latest guide to find out everything you need to know and about the shared ownership partners we have here at Tilia Homes.

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Mortgages for First Time Buyers Explained

When buying your first home one of the most challenging aspects can be knowing how and where to look when trying to secure a mortgage. So to help we’ve explained everything you need to know about first time buyer mortgages in this guide.

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How your Financial Situation Impacts Home Buying

Your financial situation is a key part of the property buying process – particularly for first time buyers – as it often impacts on the approval of important aspects like mortgages. Find out more and what you can do to improve your circumstances in our helpful guide.

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What Extra Support is Available for First Time Home Buyers?

You’ll be pleased to know that as a first time buyer there’s a variety of support schemes available that can give you extra help when you’re looking for a home to call your own. Read on to find out more about what these are and how to apply.

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How to Budget and Save for your First Home

In order to raise the funds you’ll need to purchase your first home, budgeting and saving is hugely important. Find out some top tips and advice to help make saving for a house much easier.

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The Benefits of a New Home

Buying a new home rather than an existing property can offer you a number of benefits. Here we’ve taken a closer look at what these are to help you decide if buying your first house from a new home development is the right choice for you.

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Questions to ask when Buying a New Home Off-plan

Buying your first home off-plan gives you the chance to secure a brand new house and potentially put your stamp on it before it’s built. But there are certain questions you should ask yourself and the developer first.

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How to Put in an Offer for a New Build House

If you’re looking to buy a new build property as your first home, you need to know how to put an offer in with a developer. Here we explain what you can do to get the right price.

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Timescales for Completion on your First Home

When buying a house, completion, which is the final stage of the buying process, can seem like quite a long road ahead. Here we’ve explained more about the typical house sale completion timescales to help you get a better understanding of the overall process.

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Moving for the First Time: Top Tips and Advice

Moving into your new home as a first time buyer can be an exciting but daunting prospect. So, to help this run as smoothly as possible we’ve put together some useful tips and advice for you to use when you move.

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