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19 March 2024

A Day in the Life of Laura Pavlou

Ever wondered what a Land Buyer is?... Meet Laura Pavlou!

Laura works for our Eastern team and here she explains a little more about her role and responsibilities within the team, what she enjoys the most about her role and offers advice for anyone interested in making a career in the diverse industry that is land and planning…

What is a land buyer?

A land buyer is responsible for acquiring suitable land opportunities for residential development. This involves searching for suitable residential sites that align with Tilia Homes’ requirements, tracking suitable and relevant planning applications for our Eastern region and building and maintaining effective relationships with landowners, agents, and promoters to ensure Tilia Homes is consistently presented with the opportunity to bid on new sites.

What do you enjoy the most about your role?

The aspect of my role I find most enjoyable is knowing that I am actively shaping communities, contributing to the development and transformation of a local area. I enjoy the fact that this role provides a sense of purpose and impact, knowing that the decisions and efforts that we at Tilia Homes make from start to finish have a lasting effect on the physical and social landscape. It’s so rewarding to witness the tangible results as the communities we build in evolve and grow.

What does a typical day look like for you?

A typical day for me starts with a cup of coffee and going through my emails. I then send out instructions to external clients, including architects, utility companies and estate agents. I then spend the remainder of the day compiling due diligence and market research for a forthcoming bid, arranging networking opportunities and meetings.

How long have you worked in land and planning?

I’ve worked in land and planning for almost three years. I completed my degree in Real Estate from the University of Reading 2021 and immediately began working for another homebuilder, before recently joining the Tilia Homes team.

How would someone pursue a career in land and planning?

The industry has become more diverse in recent years with a number of larger firms offering roles in land, planning and surveying to those without a property degree. Do your research and choose a path that best suits you reaching your end role or goal.

The advent of apprenticeships and internships within the industry is also opening alternate doors to those interested in a career in land and well worth investigating for the opportunity to combine education and hands on experience in the field!

What’s your advice for someone interested in a career in land and planning?

The sector is huge! There are so many different avenues you can go down -commercial, residential, surveying, design, planning to name a few, so take your time, do your research into each function, and have a genuine passion for the route you wish to explore.

Describe the land and planning industry in three words…

Multidisciplinary, Dynamic, and Social

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