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21 January 2023

Interior Design Ideas to Help You Transform Your Home in 2023

New year, new home décor? Our guide to the top interior trends of 2023 to help you refresh your home as we start a brand-new year

Are you getting the interior design itch, or are you planning what your first dream home will look like as soon as you get the keys?

Take a look at our 2023 trends guide for creating a beautiful space that your visitors will love as much as you do.


Often considered the heart of the home, getting your kitchen décor right can really transform the feel of your house. Pewter, copper and brushed brass promise to be popular in the kitchen this year as designers and homeowners experiment with materials that add texture and depth into the interior of the home.

Mixing glass, stone and wood in different parts of your kitchen, from cabinet doors to work surfaces, also create an eye-catching feature without compromising on the functionality of the space.

Living Room

We expect to see calming, neutral tones that bring sanctuary and evoke a sense of tranquillity in our living spaces this year.

Sustainable materials such as rattan and bamboo help ground your décor in the natural world and promote relaxation after a long day. For those wanting to introduce a pop of colour, earthy greens and blues inject life into the space, while keeping the serene ambience of the English countryside.


Your home should reflect you, and your bedroom is no different.

Statement bedrooms are all the rage for 2023, as we move away from the ‘hotel room’ inspired décor.

Oversized headboards are fast becoming a top trend this year, offering the impact of a dominant feature wall, without the hassle of redecorating, they make a big impact for little effort. With a large, eye-catching piece, you can stick to calming and warm-toned neutrals elsewhere in the room, to create that perfect sanctuary away from your busy life.


Biophilia promotes health and wellbeing right from inside the home. House plants that are well suited to a damp environment, such as the Chinese Money Plant, thrive in the moisture of a bathroom and breathe life and colour into the room.

Decorative lighting is also set to surge in popularity throughout 2023. Pendant and statement ceiling lights can add an air of opulence to a bathroom and put some luxury into your morning routine. Your bathroom should be designed with ultimate relaxation and wellness in mind.

Earthy and natural tones are the best choice, including brown toned stones and wood to help recreate a spa-like feel. Japandi bathrooms reflect this natural aesthetic, while also encouraging functionality and minimalism.


With summer temperatures set to soar again this year, getting your garden ready will soon be at the forefront of everyone’s minds.

The traditional English country garden is high on the wish list of homeowners for 2023. We’ll be seeing a move away from modern, artificial turf, with many opting to create a wild meadow-like oasis for wildlife to be able to thrive in. After a record-breaking summer last year, more interest is being shown in drought-resistant plants, so your garden can withstand hotter than average temperatures.

2023 will also be the year of the garden allotment. Set some space aside for this when considering your garden design, factoring in where the best light and shade are for the produce you’d ideally like to cultivate. Make the most of your outdoor space and feel the satisfaction of sitting down to a meal made up of the vegetables you’ve grown in your own garden. Starting with a vegetable patch, or herb garden, is the perfect way to get the whole family involved and can be a more sustainable choice.

At Tilia Homes, we pride ourselves on offering homes that are perfect for first time buyers, ‘second steppers’ and families alike.

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