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18 August 2022

Why buy your new build home before it has been built

Our guide to buying a new build home before it has even been constructed outlines the compelling benefits and advantages that you may not have ever considered

Buying a new build home before it has been built has become increasingly popular, with latest data from the National Association of Property Buyers revealing some 37% of properties in England and Wales were sold this way in 2021 and predicting this figure to be surpassed in 2022. Committing to buying a new build home pre-construction has multiple benefits, from cost certainty and no upward chain to time for planning and personalising. Our guide takes a look at all the advantages and highlights you need to know…

Location, location, location

Purchasing your new build home pre-construction often means you will get a better choice of the available plots. Perhaps you want to focus on a particular position with the development, e.g. nearby the entrance or on a corner, or the home’s orientation (south-facing garden anyone?); the choice is yours. It also allows you to start getting to know the neighbourhood. You can research everything from how long your commute will take, finding the nearest banks, gyms, health services and schools, and even which are the best takeaways and restaurants. Some developments even have these facilities on site which is even more convenient.

Personalise your property

Whilst you won’t be able to view your actual home, you will be given floorplans and CGIs to help visualise layout and appearance. You can also visit any new build showhomes to see fittings and finishes first-hand and gather interior design inspiration from the professionals. Don’t forget to ask the sales team if another development has a showhome with your house type if you want to see the exact layout.

At specified stages of the build, you’ll also be able to select fixtures to really personalise your new home. Kitchen cabinetry, floorcoverings and bathroom/en-suite tiling can all be chosen to suit your tastes along with optional upgrades. Knowing everything has been installed just for you, and you will be the first person to own and live in the home, is one of the most popular reasons for buying new.

Time to plan

Buying a new build home in advance gives you time to prepare and plan. You can get ready at your own pace by decluttering your existing home, arranging any removal services, pre-booking any time off-work or for childcare, notifying landlords (if applicable) as well as responding promptly to conveyancing and mortgage lender requests. Yes, you’ll have a longer wait until moving day – but your sales team will keep you regularly informed with updates and you can enjoy watching your home being built.

Cost certainty and incentive schemes

One of the most compelling reasons for buying pre-construction is the certainty of fixing a price at today’s value, no matter how the market moves in the future. If property prices are rising during the build process, you get the advantage of the increase in property value.

There are also various schemes you can consider when looking at these steps to buying a new build home. For buyers, ask about Shared Ownership by Home Stepper, Deposit Unlock, Part Exchange or Smooth Move for a swift and stress-free move.

To find new build homes near you that are available to buy pre-construction, view our latest developments or talk to our sales teams.

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